We just got back from a really fun road trip. I have some pictures to share but alas and alack, I cannot get the pictures to download onto my computer.

We drove from Phoenix to Colorado Springs in one day. Tarzan drove most of the way and I went through the homework exercises for the new Dreamweaver class I am teaching. We got a power supply for the laptop that ran out of that thing that used to be a cigarette lighter.

We stopped frequently, ate a lot, visited with Rachel and saw the Air Force Academy. Then we went out to eat at a restaurant overlooking the town, it was great.

Next, a visit to my daughter and her husband, Celia and Richard, in Denver. We ate way too much. Went downtown Denver--one word--awesome. Tarzan and I drove around and happened upon Columbine High School, that was a strange feeling. Then we bought Tarzan a new Blackberry Curve for MY birthday and ate a traditional Puerto Rico dinner. Yummmmm. It was prepared by Celia and included some special things sent by Richard's mom from Puerto Rico. Sorry, I don't know the names of all the dishes, but it sure was good.

We took two days to come home, stopping in Santa Fe, NM. We really liked Santa Fe and stayed at a fantastic hotel, the Inn of the Governor. We plan to go back there for a leisurely weekend sometime. I highly recommend it for you.

So, if I get my camera to talk to my computer, I will share pictures later.

Happy New Year.