When I was in high school, we were not allowed to wear pants to school. Every once in awhile we had a day when we were allowed to wear pants, but we were not allowed to wear pants that opened in the front...you figure that one out. All of our pants had to zip in the back or on the side. Whatever.

Anyway, we had PE and we wore these extremely tight, extremely short red cotton jumpsuits (in which I looked really good--NOT). We had PE in the gym most of the time, however, in the spring, our PE teacher (who always wore a suit and tie and dress shoes, what's that about?) would take us outside to play softball.

When we went outside to play, we had to wear our DRESSES. I guess they were afraid the boys might see us in our shorts, like dresses are so much more modest when you are running around the bases and trying to beat the ball and sliding for home.

I was always having female sickness on those days. No way was I playing softball in a dress.

Of course there is always the fact I had to face that I would always be the last one picked--you have no idea how embarrassing that is.

Oh, how grateful I am that we have moved beyond such female suppression. I do have to say, though that it would be nice if modesty was back in style and that school pictures did not look like they were taken in the boudoir.

Next week, "Go home, your skirt is too short"


This makes me remember the stories my mom would tell of sneaking into the Biology building at BYU wearing pants to do her lab work at a time when women could only where dresses on campus.