When I was in high school, mini skirts were just coming into style. I was never allowed to wear anything as short as the picture above, but the school rule was -- when you kneel down your skirt has to touch the ground.

I had a brand new, really cute, green skirt that buttoned up the front and had patch pockets. It was full and made of double knit polyester and it always looked nice. I loved it.

I walked into Mrs. Thurber's Home Ec class and she announced, loudly, to the entire room..."Sandi Conant, go home, your skirt is too short." I was humiliated. I am easily embarrassed when caught off guard.

We lived just across the street from the high school, so I went home. My Mom came home for lunch and I told her what had happened. She was really upset. My skirt just barely showed my knees. She marched over to the school during the lunch hour with a pencil and paper and wrote down the names of every girl wearing a skirt as short as mine. It was a long list, including the Principal's daughter.

I got to go back to school. Mrs. Thurber apologized to me and the skirt length rule was never mentioned again.
No such rules when I get my PhD...I can't wait to get started.