I was a Senior in High School. LeRoy Negle...I forgot how to spell his last name...anyway, he was irrigating the lawn at the school. At lunch time, I somehow got in the irrigation water. That meant my shoes got wet and muddy.

You were not allowed in the school with bare feet, so I asked LeRoy if I could borrow his irrigation boots to go to history class. I put on the size 12 boots and stomped into the school and on a whimmmm.......

went up the BOY'S stairs.

I was sent to the Principal's office and my Mom had to be called. I was such a rebel.

Why did we have BOY'S stairs and GIRL'S stairs, you ask?

Well, the Boy's stairs were by the Boy's bathroom and we were not allowed to walk past the Boy's bathroom and the Girl's stairs were by the Girl's bathroom and the boys were not allowed to walk past the Girl's bathroom.

I guess it was because we might "see" something. Or maybe it was a way to keep us from walking hand in hand in the halls or something. Whatever.

I am grateful the world has moved past that.

Next week, dresses and softball.


That is crazy... separate stairs??? Times have changed.


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