Finances are a big problem--right?

No matter how many books you read or seminars you attend, every one will tell you one thing that is the matter what the program you are to follow...


Every book I have read, every seminar I have attended, every TV program I have watched says give 10% of your income to yourself.

Try it, you will be amazed how fast it accumulates. If you can't stand to do 10% start small. Even $5 a paycheck. You will see an increase. Don't put it off, start with the next paycheck you get.

Where to put it is another question. Right now, a Savings account or a Money Market account will be your two best bets. Then when you have saved a considerable amount and the market has rebounded, you can get creative in where to put it.

When do you spend it?

This money is not spending money. It is not a savings account to help you by a big screen TV or for a vacation. This money is for emergency use only. If you want to save money for a TV or a vacation, you need to open a separate savings account. Trust me, you will be glad you took this advice.

Compound interest is a good thing:
If you start with $1,000 compounded monthly at 1% interest, and you don't add any more to it, you will have $1,115.67 at the end of a year.

If you start with $100 and put $100 in your savings account every month with just 1% interest you will have

$1,268.25 at the end of one year
$2,697.35 at the end of two years
$4,307.69 at the end of three years
$6,122.26 at the end of four years
$8,166.97 at the end of five years

That is with only $100 a month being saved in one of the lowest interest bearing account out there. Let me know how you do!!!

Another way to save money win neat stuff!!


How true, how true. Pay the Lord first, then yourself. We started doing this this year.