My PhD

You can't see it in this itty-bitty picture, but I am at 4% of my goal.

It is a life long dream of mine to get my PhD.

I am a person of no particular circumstance. I do not qualify for any scholarships or grants. There is no way I will be able to pay for this education out of my meager State salary.

I am going to start my PhD journey next year. My degree will be a PhD in Higher Educaton Administration.

There are 6 months left to earn the money for my first year.

If everyone who knows me donates $1.00 and everyone who knows them donates $1.00, I can do this.

I would love to have a donation from you.


Bren's Life said…
I thought you were joking about the donation... Guess not. Good luck my friend. Have fun in school.

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