Grandkids Week Aug 2009--Monday Memories

I'm a day late, but you will understand when I tell you that I just spent one week with five of my grandchildren. I was a little busy and a little tired and had quite a bit of catching up to do.

Grandkids week
Number of mud fights

Number of splash parks visited

Number of times Tarzan got a personal cool down

Number of Candy Stores Visited

Number of cups of glitter vacuumed up
Number of successful all nighters pulled
Number of 3-D movies in the theater we watched

Number of water fights
Number of boys who got to spend 1 hour in the Apple Mac Store

Number of girls who got makeup

Number of boxes of cereal eaten

Number of Harry Potter movies watched
Number of meals Tarzan cooked outside for us

Number of huge trash bags filled

Number of tomatoes eaten

number of paper plates used

Number of hours spent playing video games

number of Plastic Cups used

Number of hours TV was on Disney Channel

Highest score in Snood

How many times someone said “Shut the door.”


The Malone's said…
I feel like this needs to be a master card commercial. At the end, you just need to include the word "priceless". Looks like you had a fun time.
The Nerd said…
Snood addicts at your house too.

I agree with the Malone's.

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