I'm a city gal, at least I think of myself as a city gal. I love theater, I love sports, I love the action of downtown, I love the feel of a college campus, but...

I have spent several years in the country, so maybe I'm a country gal. You be the judge...

Tarzan and I had company coming early Saturday morning. Friday night the septic tank backed up. Do city gals have septic tanks?

Anyway, several hours and a few dollars later, it was running again. Thanks you Shad you are the best.

This reminded me of another time and another septic tank in another place where this city gal lived in the country.

The places was Fruitland, New Mexico. We lived on a 2 acre farm with a septic tank. It needed to be replaced, so we hired someone to do it for us. They built it with cinder block and cement. It was all finished...a thing of beauty...the lid was not on yet and we could see that things were flowing into it as they should (sorry if that grosses you out).

The next day they came to put the lid on and cover the tank. With the lid in place, the tractor started covering it up and when the weight of the dirt and tractor ran over it one too many times, you guessed, the top broke and the front of the tractor went down into the hole.

Now, I am laughing at the picture, I hope you are.

Not only did they have to pull the tractor out, they had to clean all the cement and dirt out (along with the other stuff that had flowed into the tank). It seems they had not put enough rebar in the lid for the tank.

The moral is, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." OR "Don't take shortcut they can be a yucky mess."


Gross!!! I have to say I am a huge city girl... Never had to deal with anything like that ever... I would like to live in the country but only if there are stores close by...
I sure wish my 11 year old son would understand that point. He tries to find the easy road in everything!