My sister, Inez, is so fun.

I have fond memories of playing with her when we were children. I don't recall that we argued a lot. We always shared a room and playing in there alone with her was fun.

Our father was in the Air Force. We traveled all over the world and in our travels we each had a collection of something. She collected dolls. Our father made her a cabinet to put the doll collection in it was painted blue and had glass doors. We were not allowed to play with the dolls...

...that is unless we were alone in our room.

We were oh so careful and soon learned we could not play with the Dresden ballerinas because the glass net on their tutus just crumbled in our hands.

I wish we lived closer.

Isn't she just the cutest thing? This is Inez, Mom, Tarzan, and me at the Springerville, Arizona 4th of July parade 2008.