I haven't knitted for a long time. I am a crocheter. However, I saw this pattern and went crazy for it. I bought the book and some hand painted silk yarn and started knitting. It is probably the hardest pattern I have ever knit. I had to restart about six times. We were on our way to Germany when I first started and after several failed attempts, I finally went out on the patio at our friend's house in Ramstein, told everyone to leave me alone and tried it once again. After about an hour with Hans tanning, Lee napping, Rachel at school and everyone else off doing their own thing, I was able to get it going. It took me over a month to finish, and I really planned on solid blocks of color, not stripes, but the yarn was self striping and I ended up loving it. It is a shawl or neck scarf.

This picture shows the color quite well. Sorry I couldn't get the fringe to hang right. It is really beautiful.

I'm crocheting a really cute pattern right now. I am using a different kind of yarn, mine is multi colored wool/silk hand painted in shades of green, gold, and blue, but this should be pretty classy when I finish. It crosses in the back. There are several ways to wear it.

Now, all I have to do is find a model this cute when it is finished :-).


Thanks for your kind words Sandi! I have bookmarked your page and look forward to reading some more of your blog soon! have a great day!
- Randi - :)

That is a cute knitting project - amazing what a little piece and quiet can accomplish! Good for you for sticking to it.

Beautiful! You do gorgeous work!