I have to write this or I will burst.

We have 2 rental properties. One of them is a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with a new kitchen, new floor tile, fresh paint, and new stucco on the outside and it has an Arizona Room and a sprinkling system in the back yard, oh yes, and a new air conditioner and carpet and on and on and on. Here is a picture.

We rented it less than a year ago, to tenants who were so excited to rent this house that they demanded a 3-year lease. We had to evict them this month. In February, they said they lost the rent check, so we waited for it and never got it. In April, their son stole the rent check so we told them they could make it up in May, they did not. In May they paid one month rent. In June they said they did not get their government check and his father died. In July they said they did not get their government check and their car was repossessed. We demanded rent anyway. In August, they did not pay rent but they were driving a brand new Cadillac--we had to evict them. If I am going to give away thousands of dollars, I can think of better ways to give it away.

I was going to share pictures of how filthy they were, but I would rather just clean up, replace, paint and move on.

So, here is my question...how do you develop an attitude that you can live in my house and not work and not pay rent while I work three jobs and my husband works two jobs so we can make the payment on the house you feel entitled to live in?

How do you learn to live in filth? How do you justify having animals in the house who pee wherever they want to and you never wipe it up? How do you learn to just drop trash on the carpet, smoke in bed and leave cigarette burns in the carpet? How do you stand the smell of spoiled food in the refrigerator?

Why would you yell at my husband and tell him he is a bad person when you have trashed our house, you have mooched off of us, you have lied to us, you have made bad choices and we have given you every opportunity to be responsible, while you have deceived us and taken advantage of our kindness? You must have terrible headaches and trouble sleeping.

We, on the other hand, have no problem sleeping and we have a place to sleep and everyone in our family has a place to sleep. I hope someone in that family realizes they are making bad choices and someone makes a better life for themselves rather than having generation after generation continue to be a burden on society. I hope the goodness inside any member of that family comes to the surface and they find some joy in life. At the present time, no one in that family seems to be finding any joy.

But thank goodness and the Courts system, they are gone. (Oh, yeah, they left their Rottweilers in the back yard and we had to call animal control.) Ain't life grand?


Oh wow, that is a tough one to come out of and then have to turn around and find another tenant, hopefully one more trustworthy!

I have seen this too many times and I am not sure how someone gets like that. Sorry, hope your next tenants are the best ever!


I believe I know EXACTLY how you feel.