I guess by some standards I do. But, little do they know what troubles are in my life. It made me think about the things we don't know about each other. So many times things happen to people over which they have not control and they don't show on the surface.

We never know if the person we are sitting right next to:

  • is suffering a deep heartache for something over which they have no control
  • is recovering from a serious illness or injury
  • is in serious debt trouble
  • doesn't know how to read
  • is homeless
  • was an abused child
  • is being abused by a spouse
  • has a child in jail
  • just lost a loved one
  • has no food in the house
  • is about to lose their home
  • can't afford a birthday cake for their child's birthday
  • is new in town and doesn't know anyone
  • is in a great deal of physical or emotional pain
  • is suffering from depression
  • has a serious chemical imbalance
  • has no family
  • can't count change

Bet you didn't know I have gone through the awful treatment for hepatitis C, did you? I bet I don't know things about you that would make me be kinder to you, have more compassion for you.

I challenge you to assume the best of everyone. Give each other a chance, do something nice for someone you are inclined to avoid. Smile and speak to each person you meet on the street. It's a good habit and will bring smiles back to you. Then send an act of kindness to someone you do not know well and kindness will come back to you.

I did my act of kindness this morning at work, when/where did you do yours?


Great post. I have a book for you. Specifically, a chapter from a book. Fits in with this post perfectly. I'll copy it and pass it on.