Tori called me and said, "Hi Mom, I called to tell you about my week." I settled down on the bed to listen. By the time she was through, I was standing up with every muscle in my body tense. Let me see if I can capture what happened.

First, she went in to get her hair colored and cut. In the middle of the color, her beautician got sick and someone else had to finish the job. She colored it the wrong color and gave her an awful haircut. They said they would fix it. She said she needed a couple of days to calm down and decide if she wanted them to work on it again. She went back and they fixed the color and sort of fixed the cut.

Second, she was taking her daughter to piano lessons. There was a lot of construction and had been several storms. There was a large rock in the middle of the road. She could not go left or right, so she drove right over it and it tore the transmission pan off her car. Her husband came to her rescue and they had the car towed and fixed.

Third, their dog quit eating so she took her to the vet and he said he couldn't find anything wrong with her, gave her some vitamins and some antibiotics and sent her home. A couple of days later the dog's eyes and mouth turned yellow. She rushed her to the emergency room and found she had liver damage and they had to give her a steroid shot. Hopefully, that will give her a boost and she will be okay.

Fourth, she took her youngsest son to one of those places where you can bounce on several different air inflated bouncy things and there was one of those things that looks like a man, let's see how do I describe it, it has blowers on it and it blows arms and body tubes up in the air. Well, he went over to see how it worked and lost his balance and his head went inside the hole where the arm blows out of and he couldn't catch his breath. She felt impressed to see where he was and when she got there she had a tough time pulling him out. His lips had just started to turn blue. Scary. The guy who runs the place said it had happened the week before to someone else.

An expensive and exhausting week. She is a positive woman and we got a small chuckle out of the whole experience. It is amazing what we go through sometimes and no one even knows it.


Wow Sandi that is crazy! I am glad she kept her senses through all of that!

That is some week!! I hope this week goes better for her!! Thanks for signing on the Mr. Linky for Random Act of Kindness.

You should post about it here on your blog so everyone can click on over and read about it. I know you put it in my comments but I am not sure how many people read the comment section!!

Also--- do you live near me?? haha I wish you did. My kids would love to share a blizzard!!

Have a great week!

The guy said that had happened the week before and he left the bouncer up after that! Seriously?