My Mom

This is a rambling post about my Mom. First, you should know she is --hmmmmm--I think 85. She was 30 until she had grandchildren who were 30, then she had to start having birthdays, so I'm not sure of her true age.

She called me today and told me "I feel so obligated to be kind to old people." It seems she had a friend who got really senile and it became uncomfortable to visit her so she didn't go visit her for a couple of months and the woman died. I assured her that the woman would have died anyway and she replied, "Yes, but I could have made her life a little happier during those last two months." Isn't that a great part of life, no matter how old you are, there is always something you could do a little better and being able to recognize that gives you strength.

Mom says that the worst thing you can do when you begin to age is have nothing to do. So, she has this social life and a volunteer life.

Social: She invited an older couple over to her house to play cards. Then she forgot. She lives with my brother and his son came upstairs to tell her that her friends had just pulled up. She shreeked and my sister-in-law came running up and the two of them spuced up her room and got the table ready and treats and drinks out in the time it took her friends to get out of the car and walk up the steps to the house. She said, "Thank goodness they are old. It took them 10 minutes to get up to the door." LOL, LOL, LOL

Volunteer: She always has a job. She won't let anyone pay her because if they pay her she feels obligated to go to work and she may wake up some day and not feel like working or want to go on a trip to Africa. For years she volunteered as a principal because she was bonified and some private schools needed a real principal to continue in business. Now, she is volunteering in the critical care unit for babies at the local hospital. She does all the stuff like keep the drawer for each baby filled with supplies, keeping all the records for each baby with the right baby. She says she doesn't hold the wee ones. However, one day all of the nurses were busy and they had a baby that had been crying non-stop for 2 hours. They asked her if she would hold him and she did. She worried because he wiggled so much and she couldn't keep him wrapped in the blanket they had him in. She told one of the nurses and they informed her that he was a drug baby and could not hold still. Her instructions were to wrap the blanket around him tight and hold him close to her body. It nearly killed her. So, she doesn't hold the babies.

She does one other thing at the hospital. She helps "old people" get registered. I bet she is the best person to do the job.

Oh, yes, and did I tell you she still wears high heels even after 2 hip surgeries? Yes, I have fantabulous mother.


That is great!! What a wonderful mother!! Thanks for sharing all the stories!!
Tell her your blog friend Jen says Hello!!


My mom has told me how nice your mother has always been! It was a pleasure to be able to meet her at the Springerville safeway a few months back :)It seems as though you are taking after her in the fabulously niceness part :)


Those are some great stories. Is she a great grandma now?

Yes, she is a great and soon to be a great-great.


awww she sounds so great! I like her!!! more stories when you get the chance :)

Wow your Mom sounds like quite a woman! She sure did do a great job on raising you and these stories seem to show why!

BTW, I love the word fantabulous, lol!

she does sound amazing, and you are following right behind her.

Loved this post, Sandi! Your mom sounds like a lot of fun and a woman with a good heart :)


I have the pleasure and priviledge of living in the same city as your mom, my sister. She is always giving. I have really appreciated her the past few months especially when she has acted as my chauffeur. I dearly love her. UL