When I was in the 6th grade someone told me that you can't wear orange on St. Patrick's day and that if you did you were gay. I dismissed that as something stupid, but those things tend to stay with you. Then in High school I had the cutest orange and black plaid dress, it was really full and I wore two crinolines under it with little jingle bells sewing on them. It was very kewl. As an adult, I was ready to say I had NOTHING orange in my closet and then I went to look, I have 3 things in my closet that or some shade of orange. None of them are designated for the month of October only. The lastest was a find at K-Mart, $1.50 I bought one in every color and orange happened to be one of them. Sorry, about the date, I keep forgetting to reset it. Notice the pink shirt in the background, that is my real color. I am a red/pink kind of gal.


that's my kind of score... $1.50 per shirt!

you may claim red and pink, but you looked fabulous in the orange shirt. autumn colors work for you!