We lost our dogs. They were gone for a week. We thought we would never see them again. Suzi, the young one tears through metal with her teeth and gets out no matter what we do. Dottie follows her.

Tarzan was talking to the neighbor, Bill on the Hill, and told him the dogs were gone. Bill said he would watch for them and left for work. About 5 minutes later, Bill came tearing up the hill and yelled to Tarzan that he had found the dogs. They were with a family down by the canal and they were waiting for Tarzan to come and get them.

Tarzan rushed to the canal and found a family with our dogs on leashes happily walking them. That explained why they didn't come home. They had two small children a girl about 10 (she found the dogs and took them home and put them on leashes) and her brother about 6. When Tarzan showed up the little boy started to cry because he had to give the dogs back. His Dad told him that he knew that if they found the owners they would have to give the dogs back, but a 6 year old doesn't process that information well, so he cried.

Tarzan said, "I know you hate to give up the dogs, but I love my dogs and need to take them home." The boy said, sobbing, "Okaaayyyy." Tarzan said, "Do you like to hunt?" The boy said, sobbing still, "Sooommeetimes." Tarzan said, "Suzi isn't completely trained to hunt yet, would you like to help me train her?" "Okaaaayyyy."

So, Tarzan, the tough guy is committed to work with a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old dog and try to make everyone feel better about life. Tarzan is just like a chocolate Carmel candy. Hard on the outside and gooey on the inside. He does Random Acts of Kindness without planning or forethought. That's the best kind.


Great post! How nice was is it of those people to keep your dogs safe until you were found. I know it was hard on the little boy though!!

Tarzan--A heart of gold to think of including the little boy on the training!

I love Tarzan. I would love to see more of Tarzan. We need more Tarzan in the world.

Love a story with a happy ending!

Loved this story! Missed seeing your lovely face in black and white on Tuesday :)

By the way, I am tagging you. Please tell us all 6 random things about yourself. See my blog for more info. Thanks!