When I had children at home and even when I had grandchildren in town, I decorated for holidays, things on the windows. Things by the door. Dishes full of treats. However, at this stage in my life having been there and done that on so many things, I find it just as pleasing to simply make my computer festive for the occasion. I have a feather boa of every color they make, so for fall, here ya go. My fall decorations.


that is hysterical!

(i have a pink boa hanging in my office. i pull it out whenever i, or anyone, needs a pick-me-up.)

I get to see the changes every month, and they are awesome!

How cool decorating your monitor! I would have never thought...very creative!

Feather boa's are so versatile!

I love it Sandi...always coming up with the unexpected idea!

Okay...I am laughing so hard...what a great idea...

Lelly already said hysterical, but I can't think of another word...
that really is so hysterical!

I think it looks great. I have no Halloween decorations up all, but I think I like it that way this year.

That is great!! I share the computer with all the kids and husband. They prob would not want me to put a boa on it. haha

I love Fall too!! Can't wait to carve the pumpkins with the kids and cook the pumpkin seeds in the oven!! They taste so good!