It is so sad that there are still people in this world who cannot see past the color of your skin. We recently had a business person give us a quote for some work we needed done. When the quote was too high, we looked for another alternative to get the work done. When he did not hear back from us, he send us a rude e-mail accusing us fo using him and wasting his time. He has never met me, only Tarzan and in the e-mail he said among other things---"I am use to working with white people that have integrity, not random ghetto acts of 'take advantage of whomever, whenever.'"

What a huge dissappointment to have someone be so small and unthinking that they can say such cruel words with no remorse.


Why does this keep cropping up? Why are people so myopic and incapable of viewing the world without labels? As I have listened the use or not of the "race" card during this election I have been so disheartened - I cannot believe that it still matters. It never should have, but why does it still? I'm sorry you are in the throes of someone else's stupidity ever - ridiculous and asinine and insulting all the way around.

Wow. I realize I am mostly naive about stuff like this, but how can someone be so ignorant & even worse, so loud in their ignorance???

I'm sorry you have to deal with people like that! I think Tarzan is GREAT!

sandy your blog looks awesome :)

I will simply agree with you. It is very very sad.