It’s not very fun to write about the good stuff, but I have to say that good things have been coming my way. Here are a few of them.

  • The doctor who charged me $50 for a no-show when my car wouldn’t start took the charge off my account
  • I wrecked my car and have been driving a rental--the rental company gave me a free upgrade
  • We found a wonderful painter who is not overcharging me
  • We found a carpet layer who is great and did not overcharge us
  • We found a laborer who is strong and grateful to have work so we can afford him as well
  • We have rented all of our rental property
  • I did not get a lung infection this time when I had my recent allergy attack
  • The dog is housebroken
  • We found a great place to buy appliances new and used
  • I love the classes I am teaching
  • My grandchildren e-mail me every day
  • We have money in the bank
  • Tarzan and I really like each other
  • Direct TV gave me Showtime free for 3 months
  • I find life solutions in the Book of Mormon
  • I have lost 6 pounds


those are great things! nice job posting about the "not so fun" good things, crazy.

Good things are happening to me too! I went to the store to get something specific that I knew last week was $40. Today it was on sale for $20. Love that.