We seem to go through life just doing what we do, trying to be contributing member to society and not expecting any recognition for it. However, every once in awhile, someone says "thank you" and it feels so good. This week I had two thank you's, the first has a funny story (of course, nothing happens to me without a funny story, right?)

Sunday night I was home alone and I had Dottie in the house with me. She was sleeping under my desk and I was working on grading papers when I heard someone knock rather loud on the kitchen door.

I was expecting Tarzan to come home and figured he had his hands full and needed me to open the door for him. I went to the door and yelled out--"who is it?" NO ANSWER. I got a little spooked and peaked out the window-- NO ONE THERE. I looked out the front window-- NO ONE THERE. Yikes, now I was really spooked. Dottie was running around in a panic feeling my emotions.

I turned OFF all the lights in the house and turned ON all the lights outside. NO ONE THERE.

Next, I went into the bedroom to get the hand gun and Tarzan had moved it. So, I looked for the shot gun, Tarzan had moved it. YIKES. And our alarm system is disconnected for the decorating we are doing in the living room. DOUBLE YIKES.

I said a little prayer and sat back down to my computer without opening any doors or questioning further. I felt for some unknown reason safe with Dottie there. She would at least lick them to death if someone broke in.

Later, Tarzan came home and said, "Some of your Church People were here." He responded to the puzzled look on my face by holding up a bag of cookies with a thank you note neatly typed and stapled to it. So, whoever left us cookies -- Thank you they were delish and it warmed my heart, once it quit racing about uncontrollably.

The second thing was a simple phone call from a lady who has moved to California. I helped her off and on for a couple of years and then when she moved, I never heard from her. She just called to thank me for helping her. Believe me, I didn't do that much, but in today's disjointed world even a word of encouragement is a big deal.

Has anyone told you thank you lately?
Did it make you feel warm and fuzzy?
Have you remembered to thank anyone lately?


Wow, when we bring you cookies, I'll be sure to announce myself, so as not to get shot. Ha!

I LOVE your stories, Sandi!! :)

Here's a big "thank you" for always making me smile when I read your blog!