You can make your glass shower door shine by rubbing a teaspon of lemon oil on it twice a month.  This will cause the water to bead up and roll off.

A second choice is to use Rain-X Original Glass Treatment.  This is a car-care product designed to keep rainwater off your windshield.  You would only use it twice a year.  


I have tried the RainX and it does not last as long as one would hope and was difficult to apply. I am interested in the lemon oil option though. Thanks

I have lots of lemons, but where does one find lemon oil?

Is Lemon oil different than lemon juice, that is a dumb question, Can the juice from a lemon do the same thing?

Lemon oil is extracted from the lemon peel. I will post a recipe after Tarzan and I experiment with our lemons, in the meantime, it is available at the grocery store with the spices.

Thanks Sandi! My shower is a disaster!