When your children are out of control, maybe hitting, biting and/or screaming is going on, try just smiling at them and hugging them tight. It is amazing how much that dispells the mood.

When one child hurts another. Put the child on your lap who did the hurting and hug the hurt child up close to your side and tell them you know they didn't mean to hurt each other and please try to be nice. Kiss the hurt one and let him/her tell you what happened, hug the one who did the hurting and remind them that they need to be nice to each other.

If you spend more time kissing and hugging your children than correcting them, they will learn they are loved at home.

I remember once I was correcting one of my children after a FHE. We had a big STOP sign put up to remind us to stop bad behavior. One of the children was acting up and I jerked the 3 year old child up to the sign and angrily said, "remember what that sign is for, you need to stop this angry behavior." As I said it, I softened my tone realizing I was reinforcing that behavior in the child by my angry response to unaccepable behavior.

Since that time, I have worked daily to temper my responses to various situations and, while I don't aways succeed, I find many times my smile makes everyone feel better.


Sandi- this post was written for me. Thank you. I think there was some inspiration going on. Sometimes it is so hard and trying to get things done. I have to STOP and remember that they are number one in my life not everything else.

Thanks for the post. This is something that I think I need to do. I have bee looking for a solution like this and I think it would be great. 'needs to take time to smell the roses'