Granner made 6 loaves of bread and dozens of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies every week. She had a schedule. If you visited Granner on the days she was baking, you got to help.

On cookie day you got to eat A LOT of raw cookie dough and then you got to eat warm cookies.

On bread day, you got to have your own glob of dough to play with, roll in sugar or melted butter or whatever you wanted and then when the bread had risen once, you got to "punch" it down.

When the beautiful golden brown loaves came out of the oven, one was immediately cut in half and the children were allowed to dig out the warm middle part of the bread, leaving the crust hollowed out. Granner would say she didn't mind eating the crust.

I can still smell the fresh, hot bread baking and taste the luscious center of the bread dipped in butter. That was heaven.

It wasn't until I was an adult and allowed my own children the same privilege and I was left with the hot crust of the bread that I realized Granner was not sacrificing, she was saving the best for herself. If you have not had hot bread crust right from the oven, smothered in butter, you haven't lived.

Remember, always cook a little extra so the children can have a good portion when they lick the bowl.  Never scrap the bowl clean until you find out if someone wants to lick the bowl.  It's a time honored family tradition.


That is a wonderful memory. It made me think to my mom making bread. I liked eating it at home but hated to bring sandwiches to school for lunch because it was so uncool. Now I would love to have some of that bread to make my lunch with. Thanks for bringing that back to my memory.