My dear friend RoseAnn Young died last week. I have felt her presence for two days. Here are a few brief memories of RoseAnn.

  • She had a beautiful singing voice
  • She loved and was devoted to her family 
  • She had the greatest gift for writing and never made a blog 
  • We took a poetry class together (that was the time we were stopped by a policeman who thought we had been drinking because we were weaving all over the road, but really we were just laughing and talking so much we didn't notice)
  • She taught her grandchildren piano lessons 
  • She and I laughed until we cried, many times
  • She and I cried until we laughed, many times
  • I could tell her anything
  • She could tell me anything
  • And we did
  • We were young married women at the same time living in Farmington, NM and later in Joseph City, AZ 
  • She had 4 boys and wanted a girls so they used the temperature method and got 2 girls
  • She has a daughter named after me
  • Our children played together
  • She worked for me once and hated the work
  • So, she decided to do taxes from her home and she did my taxes and saved me several hundred dollars
  • She was there for me when I needed someone, I hope I was there for her
  • We made a quilt together, I still have it
My mind is racing with individual images and memories, I love you RoseAnn and will miss you.


I am sincerially sorry for your loss. Those where beautiful.