After going to the Happiest Place On Earth (Disneyland) we went to visit the family with the Uncles in tow. Disneyland made us happy, but nothing can compare to the happiness the family brings.

What happiness filled our hearts to see them all. This picture is the first of its kind. The Uncles have never seen the Grandchildren and have not seen the children since they were the age of these grandchildren.

It is a little fuzzy because I had to lighten it to get all the skin tones in. If anyone has a hint on taking photos of mixed races all together, I could sure use them.

On the front row you will see Jordyn, Kylee, Uncle Walter and Lee William
Standing up you will see Landau, Uncle Jerry, Dau, Tarzan, Leisa, and Keith.
Behind the camera is Sandi


I will admit having been bothered that disneyland is called the happiest place on earth. this picture captures so much more than any amusement park could offer.