I went to Labcor to have a blood test. Since I had to fast for the test and I had a RS Presidency meeting at 8:30, I arrived early. There was a sign up sheet in the hall for those who arrived early to sign up in order of their arrival. When I got there, 2 men were standing in the hall and 1 man came up right after me.

They informed me of the procedure for signing up. I stepped up to the sign in sheet and without thinking, signed my name SANDI HEYWOOD. The 3rd man, stepped up to sign his name and I suddently realized what I had done and told the men in the hall with me. We all laughed and I corrected it. SANDI GRANDBERRY.

Now, I only tell you this because it was a lead in to what happened next.

One of the men started to tease me saying that I must still have a crush on my first husband, which brought up the subject of his wife.

"I have been with my sweetheart for 30 years." He bragged. "I even went to prison and I came back to her."

I tried to be light with such new found information and said, "Did she send you there?"

He came right back with, "Hell, no, I would have kicked her out if she had been the cause of my going to jail."

Now, the 3rd man spoke up. "Hey man, where did you serve? I just got out 2 weeks ago. Maybe I know some of your people."

1st Man, "Oh, man, I was in Florence, 15 years. My brother is in prison in California now. He started here in Phoenix, and they transferred him all over the place. He was out for 1 week and he got put back in for killing a cop. He's doing life now."

3rd Man, "What is your brother's name, maybe I know him."

1st Man sayed his brother's name and 3rd Man replied that it sounded familiar.

The 2nd man in the hall gave me a sideways glance at this point and looked a little nervous. I just stood there and listened while they bragged about their prison experiences. 1st Man had been in prison for hauling a truckload of drugs. 3rd Man had been in prison for a serious assault (translated later to "I nearly killed the guy.") I just stood there and tried to think of something appropriate to say. Nothing came to mind.

1st Man went in to get his blood test and the 2nd Man came over and sat by me. It seems that the 1st Man had Hepatitis C. I told him that I got Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion with blood given by a man just like him. He was very sympathetic.

I bet I am the only Relief Society President who has had two such interesting experiences. The first time, I was riding the city bus when two young men got on a full bus and stood holding on and leaning over me when one said, "Hey man, it stinks on this bus, it reminds me of prison. Everyone lined up and it smells like stinky feet."

Yes, I lead an intersting life.


I love your interesting life. You can never be called boring, you've always got a story in your pocket that is better most times than anything else that is going on.

I have a friend that just moved to Denver with a job transfer, and so she needed an American Social Security number. Sitting in the government office waiting to apply for a SS number she had a similar experience to yours because ex-cons have to apply for a new SS number when they get out.
Bizarre, scary, interesting, many words describe your story.


Tooooo Funny! Wow. what a way of life those men have.

I recently gave blood for our stake blood drive and had to wait over an hour to give blood. I certainly could have used a few prison stories to keep my company.

Lynn Rogerson  

Anonymous said...
When I returned from my mission in Dec. 1952, I didn't realize that the insurance had expired on my car. The next summer I had a car accident that was my fault. A law suit resulted and becuse I didn't have insurance, my drivers license was suspended until I paid the lawsuit. I continued to drive, however, and was eventually arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, found guilty and sentenced to 6 months in the Utah County Jail. The inmates were of a varioous kind. One was an accused murderer, two were charged with non child support, one was charged with wife abuse and one a DUI. The stories that were exchanged were interesting and scarry. Each inmate bragged about his reasons for being there, one who said that he was a "three times loser" and was due to be taken to the State Prison. I was never threatened but was glad when I was released after serving 48 days. Your brush with the ex-cons was very interesting but as I learned they are a one of a kind breed. I've told this story to my kids and we all laugh about it and consider it as an experience that should be avoided at all costs. Though it was an interesting and somewhat funny experience, never get yourself in a situation where you have to go to the "Slammer."
Lynn Rogerson, September 8, 2007.

Aunt Pat  

All I can say Sandi is Yes, you do lead an interesting life!!! I can't imagine having to sit there and listen to all of that garbage. I am so glad you shared it with me. It is too funny not to share. Aunt Pat p.s. What did Lee think about it?