Ignore the date, the battery died on my camera. I need a pedicure! Don't you think washing your hands after handling your feet is a good choice here?

I personally wash my hands all the time. Since I was treated for HCV, I am a nut about it. Also, I work on computers and it is SO GROSS to work on someone's computer when the keyboard has enough food in it to feed the hungry and you can tell they never wash their hands because the keys are so filthy.


ugh, i hadn't even thought about computer keyboards until now!

and your photo made me laugh, because there is a guy in my Rotary Club who clips his fingernails every week during the guest speaker. people around him are still eating while he's doing it.

and he' a local dentist!!

If I'd gone in to work between Friday and Tuesday I would have posted about my own vocation - related hand washing. Computer keyboards - for sure a hand washing must!

Thanks for the comment! You have very nice feet! You would never catch a picture of my tootsie, because I HATE my feet, to the point of not getting pedicures. I don't like others touching my feet.

LOL, I never thought of cleaning your hands after clipping or touching my feet until I met Brian, now I clip them over a trash can or the toilet, and yes, I clean the toilet seat after and wash my hands promptly! :-P