It's the end of summer and it's still hot and I have a scar on my neck and feet from having moles and warts removed and I haven't lost any weight because it has been too hot to move and we went a couple of weeks with an air conditioner that limped along and Tarzan got bit by a snake which put me into an ice cream eating frenzy and sleep deprivation. But now it is going to be fall soon and the weather will cool down and everything will be better.


Adventures. That's what you had this summer. Never to regret. But the cool weather will be welcome- and for the record, you are looking fantastic, dispite the ice cream eating frenzy!

love your recap of the summer! sometimes i feel like my entire summer flew by without time for a breath, too!

It's good to look forward to the next season. It sounds like you are welcoming the change!

sounds like fall will be welcome after all of that...

i clean my brushes with shampoo, easy enough! warm water and sudsy shampoo. sometimes the foundation brushes are a little bit more difficult, so then i put hot water in a glass with a little bit of shampoo and slosh the brush around in it, being quite forceful. seems to do the trick, although i sometimes have to do it a few times.

good luck with all of that stuff!

I love change, like the change of seasons. With each new change is an opportunity to start fresh!

Happy Autumn (but it won't really get cool here for months)! :)