Okay, I have been snake proofed. LOL. If you look closely at this picture you will see that I am wearing chaps, and I don't mean the Ralph Lauren scent. These are bonified snake chaps. We took the dogs out this weekend to try them out and I didn't get bit by one snake, they must have worked.
Dottie is the "orange" one and Suzie is the "liver" one. They can't wait for quail season. We missed dove season because we didn't have the chaps.
Since I am writing this, I may as well tell you that I am the sucker in this foresome. Dottie and Suzie find the birds and point, I flush them out of the bush and Tarzan shoots over my head. Hmmmmm, I think maybe I need to rethink this activity.


After your snake post the other day, it was making me think how happy I was that I hadn't seen a snake in a LONG time. We just moved into this new development and we are outside all the time, and we're pretty close to a lot of swampy areas. I'm always on snake and spider watch though... my eyes are awlays out for those. So last night our neighbor came by and said he saw a 4 ft water mocassin on his front porch last week after a rain storm.... so now I'm all grossed out and afraid to go outside. Nothing like a snake to completely ruin all your excitement about the weather changing and being able to get fresh air. *sigh* oh well! I can enjoy the fresh air going through my house! Hope you're having a great day
- Randi :)

well it's a good thing you are snake proof now :) to answer your questions on my blog... I am attending school at Grand Canyon University. My husband directs five different departments over there, so our schooling is paid for by his work. I am getting my degree in elementary education specializing in english. I should be done in a year and a half.:)That will be a happy day!