I had to dismantle my photo album to do this so you got a few extras. Notice one in particular taken in Germany, note the chain around my neck, I'll blog about it later. As for first day of school memories. I have to say that is one memory I don't have, I can tell you all kinds of other things about school days, but not the first day back, ever in all 12 years K-12.


these are precious photos!! i remember signing our names to our class pictures to hand out to our friends.

i wrote my name on a few, and was surprised to find that i spelled my name with one "l" even way back then. i thought that was something i adopted in high school.

waiting to hear about the chain around your neck...

Those are the cutest pictures, and I really liked the style of your slide show with the turning pages.

Oh, and I just checked out headhuggers.org! I don't have the skills, but I know women who do - I'll pass it on.

oh my gosh, those are terrific! You were a beautiful little girl, I love that I can see you in all of them, dimples, smile... they are darling, thanks for sharing all of them!

what a cutie you are/were! :)