SPT I've been meaning to do that for the longest time

My whole life I have hated to miss out on anything!!! I hate to leave the room because you will have fun when I leave. I hate to be sent to bed early because you will have fun as soon as I fall asleep. I hate to miss church because they will have the best sermon and the best music on the day I miss. I hate to be left out when someone has a party, they will surely have a good time without me.

My mother jokes (to my embarrasement) that when I was a little girl and we lived in Germany, no matter where we were you could find us by asking if anyone had seen the American family with the little girl who has her hands between her legs. She will then demonstrate what a little girl, needing to go to the bathroom, does.

Nothing has changed, I will put it off until I am miserable and when I finally give in, I am so glad to complete a task I have been meaning to do for the longest time.


Serendipity said…
Creative take on the challenge...I can relate! :)
Rachel said…
Oh so funny! I am giggling because I have been guilty of this, as well...and I give my little ones a hard time for putting it off. Hmmm...maybe I should back off!
Denise said…
ROFL! Well, that wasn't quite what I expected, but thanks for the belly laugh!

I no longer do the potty dance, but that doesn't mean I'm not dancing inside.
Barb said…
That was so funny - great twist to the challenge. And you are really opening yourself up for some funny and personal comments with this one - I myself can hold it all day, which I know isn't healthy so I have to conciously think to myself, gee, it's been awhile, better take a bathroom break.
Unknown said…
hee hee. cute post!
Becky said…
That was funny! By the way, Sandi, what are these SPT challenges that you do?
That is too funny! I can honestly say that I do the same thing, but the funnier thing is that I have seen Sandi do this dance, hehe!
Sandi said…
SPT is Self Portrait Tuesday. It comes from Lelly a friend of Amberly. Her blog is http://lellysmusings.blogspot.com/ and if you want to do something else fun, that group as a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) posting every once in a while at http://wilson-six.blogspot.com/search/label/R.A.K.%20%28Random%20Acts%20of%20Kindness%29. Have fun.

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