Feel the Love Day 1

I am jumping on the bandwagon, because I love the music they are playing :-).

How did Tarzan and I meet?
I was working for a law firm and had a friend who was working at the same law firm, she lived way north of me, we only socialized during work hours because of distance. Tarzan worked at MCI and had a friend, she lived way up north of him, they only socialized during work hours because of distance.

My friend and Tarzan's friend lived in the same apartment complex. One day they were both in the parking lot at the same time and they met. They were instant friends and went to Tarzan's friend's apartment to visit. While they were there, Tarzan call his friend and said, "Hey, I just broke up with my girlfriend and I need someone to date." His friend turned to my friend and said, "You want to date Tarzan, he's a good friend of mine?" My friend said, "No, I don't date black men, but I know someone who might want to date him." She knew I didn't have a problem with race.

They gave him my phone number and he called me---and he called me---and he called me for over a week, we talked on the phone. At first, I was a little put off, because he ask very direct and personal questions that I was not comfortable answering and I told him so. "I don't think we know each other well enough to share that kind of information."

Finally, I told Tarzan that either we needed to meet or quit wasting our time talking on the phone. He agreed to meet me at McKinna's. We agreed what each would wear (he lied) and a time and date to meet. I didn't want him coming to my home until I met him personally, the world is full of weirdos, you know.

I showed up looking mighty hot, I must say. I stood by the door and waited. Soon, a black man walked up to me (not wearing what he had said he would wear because if I was a dog, he was going to just not say anything and leave) and asked who I was waiting for. I said, "Are you Tarzan?" He replied, "No, I'm not, but if I was, I sure wouldn't leave someone as fine as you standing here waiting" AND WALKED OFF.

He went back to the bar where he had been watching for me. The man he was visiting with asked if I was his blind date and he said that I was. The man at the bar said, "Man when I have a blind date, she always turns out to be a dog. You better go over there before she leaves."

Here our stories differ slightly, however, this part we both agree on. When he returned, I doubted his truthfulness and he offered to show me his driver's license. I didn't have my glasses on -- he could have been Jack the Ripper and I wouldn't have been able to tell. We had a short evening and he was going to leave, when I said, "That's it? No dinner, no movie, nothing, just hello, a drink and goodbye?" He said, "Well, I guess I could take you out to eat." He did and the evening was very enjoyable--dinner sealed my fate, I chose a small hole-in-the wall restaurant instead of an big, expensive, fancy place. He was in love.

And that is how we met fourteen years ago.


The Malone's said…
Absolutly loved it. Random in the way you met, but love it.

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