The middle of January Tarzan called me at work:

Tarzan: Hey, let's go see Romeo and Juliet

Me: Okay

Tarzan: Will you call and get us tickets?

Me: Okay

Aren't I a good wife?

I got us tickets, called him and told him I could only get tickets on February 13th the day before Valentine's Day.

Tarzan: Great, Happy Valentines Day

Somehow I think I got cheated in that process.

So, we went to Symphony hall on Friday the 13th, found our seats and sat down to look at the playbill. There were two beautiful ballerinas on the cover.

Tarzan: Is this a ballet?

Me: Yes, why

Tarzan: I thought we were going to a Shakespearean play?

We had a good laugh and he slept through the last act. After all, we already knew the ending.


That story is just hilarious, and the best part was seeing his face and reaction at dinner the night after the performance! He is so funny, I cannot wait to be able for all of us to get together again!