How long did you date?

We met in 1995 and married in 1999. Most of our dating was done long distance. Tarzan lived in California, where he remodeled a house; Kansas, where he went to railroad school and became an Engineer; and Wisconsin where he was an Engineer for the Soo Line Railroad, during our dating years. We didn't have access to cheap cell phone bills then and we each sported a phone bill around $400 a month. We still communicate best over the phone.

While we dated, we tried to break up with each other several times. My favorite is the time he drove me 2 hours away into the mountains to break up with me. What was he thinking? The mountains would be a more romantic place to break the news? Break up with a woman and then ride in the car with a angry female for 2 hours. I don't think so. He couldn't do it so he was saved from his stupid move. When I realized the purpose of the trip, I said, "Did you really bring me up here to break up with me?" He got that cute smile he flashes and admitted that he had, but he couldn't do it because we were having so much fun.

The best date was once he told me to get all dressed up and then he took me to Circle K for dinner. We sat on the cement blocks by the gas tanks and ate. He got me TWO hot dogs a drink and chips. Then we went up on Lookout Mountain and kissed, looked at the lights and did a lot of people watching.


I love reading these posts! And I think I've seen that sly little Tarzan smile...what a crack up! 2 hours to break up?!?! hilarious.