What does Tarzan do that surprises you?

Tarzan is not big on holidays. He has difficulty giving a gift because somebody said he had too (Hallmark). He surprises me with gifts on OFF holidays. He surprises me even more with gifts ON holidays.

He will vacuum and rearrange the furniture if I am gone all day.

He calls me to tell me something funny.

He tells me he loves me when I least expect it.

He calls me and asks me to get tickets to the theater.

I especially love it when he calls and says, "Let's go out tonight, just the two of us, I need to have you all to myself." After ten years, he hasn't had enough of me?

And then the most special of all is occasionally, when we wake up on my birthday, he tells me in great detail how lucky he is to have me and how glad he is that God sent me to him.


As I am reading throught your post about Tarzan. I can't get over how lucky you are for finding such a great guy.

Hmmm, he seems like the full package! After having dinner with you guys I can certainly appreciate the way he can cause blasts of laughter! The way he creates a visual when telling stories is incredible, hilarious is not even close to being able to describe it!