So, last week I went to the doctor and he got all excited about some little thing and ordered --- A FULL BLOOD WORKUP --- said with a deep and anxious voice.

Today, I went to get the blood workup---3 tubes of blood later...

The wait in the lab was very short so, I called Tarzan...

Me: "Hi, I have an hour to kill. If you are in your office, I thought I would come by and visit with you."

Tarzan: "I'm here."

Me: "Be there in a minute."

Wasn't that a romantic exchange?

My plan was to buy a soda for Tarzan and surprise him. So, I stopped at Circle K where the line was longer than at the lab and bought him a 44 ounce soda and me a 44 ounce soda. After maneuvering my way out of the crowded parking lot (which is also in a terrible location for ingress and egress) and on to the road, I drove the few short miles to Tarzan's office and about 100 feet before the turn into his parking lot, I hit a hole in the road and both sodas flew out of the cup holders, one on the passenger side, and one on the driver side and emptied both cups of soda onto the floor of my car.

Tarzan was outside to greet me, wasn't that sweet? I didn't say anything, I just handed him the empty 44 ounce plastic soda cup. He looked at me with questioning eyes as we walked into his office. I explained what happened and he chuckled (he learned not to laugh at me from the last accident I had).

After about 2 minutes,

Me: "Well, I guess I should go clean it up."

Tarzan: "Right now?"

Me: "Is there a better time?"

Tarzan: "I guess I better clean the car for you tonight, or maybe you should just go get it detailed."

Not wanting to belabor the fact that Tarzan is a procrastinator, I said, good idea and drove straight to the car wash.


we gotta change your luck around, honey! good thing you have a patient and good-natured tarzan.

I feel the frustration. Good thing Tarzan was cool in nature for you. I would have broken down in tears. Hope your car cleaned up well for you. Good luck for the rest of the week. Should we get you a luck rabbit foot or four leaf clover?

All I can say is that if I would have been in that situation I would have put on my 'pissy pants' (as my other half would call it). I get so upset about things like that, and unfortunately do hide it very well! :-)

This made me chuckle and feel sorry for you at the same time ( I read both stories) Sorry about the bad luck!
It reminds me of when I spilled soup and torani syrup in the back of our car after we were first married. Then the next week I scrapped up the side of the car. A little boy that lived next door said ..."your dangerous!"