Do you hate to clean house? I do. There is no joy for me in a job that just has to be repeated tomorrow. It is sort of like digging a hole and then filling it in without planting anything.

However, having a clean home makes me happy, so I have devised a plan that just might help you.

First, think of this as your "job." Pay yourself in some way--money, time off, treats, whatever works for you. I pay myself $20 a week and I don't loan it to Tarzan when he runs out of spending cash.

Second, schedule your work. Here is my schedule (my home is small, you may have to do 2 rooms a day to get every room in a week).

Monday, clean the guest room
Tuesday, clean the office
Wednesday, clean the bathroom
Thursday, clean the master bedroom
Friday, clean the living room
Saturday, clean the kitchen
Sunday, clean my soul

Third, if you have a bad day, like a sick day as I did this week, don't feel obligated to "clean" just do a quick pick up and call it good.

Finally, every day do two 5-minute power cleans, one right before you go to bed. I do the second power clean right before leaving for my full time job in the morning. If you are a stay-at-home Mom, you might want to do your second power clean right before you husband comes home (oh yes, and something I learned when I was a stay-at-home Mom, set the table, even if you haven't fixed dinner yet, it makes husband feel like food is coming and buys you a little time.)

Cleanliness is next to Godliness--do you think this includes your home?