If you know me, one look will tell you which one is my Mom. For those of you who don't, she's on the left and her sister Pat is on the right.

This month my Monday Memories are all about my Mom in honor of Mother's Day.

I have read all the beautiful blogs others have put out about their wonderful Moms and I wanted to blog something mushy and sweet like that. However, we are not the sentimental type. Our greeting cards are all funny. Our terms of endearment are all sarcastic. We live funny lives.

So... Mom, you know I love you, you know I would die for you, you know I think you are the best Mom in the world and here is my Monday Memory.

We were living in Germany. There is a celebration in Germany known as Fasching where everyone wears traditional costume and then parties like Marti Gras. The basic idea is that you can do whatever you want to on this one day with no consequences, "repent" the next day and move on.

The party, at that time, was so wild that, during the party, all military personel and their families were banned from one particular little town close to where we lived. My Mom, in her innocence and some of her friends talked it over and couldn't think what could be so bad that they couldn't at least see it.

You guessed it, they all got traditional German dresses and went to the party with a vow of silence so no one would know they were Americans. They were standing on the street watching the parade when a man reached out and grabbed one of the women and began dragging her down the alley. She started screaming for help in English and several airmen who were there in traditional costume with a vow of silence came to her rescue.

They were all thrown in jail.

When the military police came to get them out, my Mom todl me the jail cell was just around the corner with a partial wall separating them from the front desk. She heard the military police come in and was mortified to be in such a situations, but her mortification got worse when one of the soldiers said, "Who have you got in here?" and started reading the names, when he got to her name he said, "That can't be the I know, her husband is my Bishop."

Need I say more?


You look just like your mom. She is gorgeous. I love the look from back then, all the ladies seemed so beautiful, and glamorous. What a funny story, I had to laugh because I know all about fasching. Lucky for my family the wards we lived in had parties at the church.
Great story. Your mom is one cool lady.