I gave a long dialogue about my Mom here. She is fun. Today I remember another story.

It was Christmas. Mom put cans of colored hair spray in our stockings, blue, silver, pink and green. It was the latest craze, streaks of color in your hair, everything cycles you know.

We finished our Christmas morning present opening and decided to experiment with the colored hair spray. No one can remember who started it, but...

A chase ensued around the house and we each had our own can of colored hair spray. In the end, my crazy sister, Inez, and I took down our Mom and held her down while we sprayed the bottom of her feet blue.

When she got up and started the chase again, she tripped and broke her toe. We rushed her to the emergency room and when she put her foot up on the table there it was in all its shiny blue glory.

As I recall, the doctor just looked at it and shook his head. He knew us well.

Happy Mother's Month Mom!