I saw a woman with type 4 terminal cancer who acts like she has something as incidental as allergies.

I saw her husband care for her and take up the slack in the home.

I heard him say, "you don't have to go," when I got up to leave and he made me feel like he meant it.

I saw the two grandchildren they are raising engage in the conversation like they were adults.

I saw the family together, while the grandchildren did their homework.

I saw a grandson who was a perfect gentlemen, walk me to my car and say "come again."

I heard this woman say, "My spiritual gift is denial." Sounds funny, but in her case, it is a true gift, she and her entire family talk freely about her illness, and then act every day as though it is not true. She will survive.

I left feeling uplifted.


What a wonderful feeling you have shared, thank you.

What an incredible woman! I want to know how they have raised such wonderful kids & grandkids??
I wish her the best!