I thought I would do a memory of Mom every Monday for the month of May...

My Mom is way kewl. She is 86 and still wearing high heels after 2 hip replacements. Her entire life is filled with exciting and fun experiences along with heartache and pain. Yesterday, her younger brother, Uncle Lynn died. I wish I could get her to blog, she could keep you in wrapped attention as you read about her fun-filled life.

Today's memory--

My mother was consistent in her discipline.

When I was 5 years old, we lived in Tucson. The family was planning a trip to Dairy Queen. On one particular occasion (though I'm sure not the only one), I had behaved so badly that my Mom told me if I didn't shape up, I would not get to go to Dairy Queen with the family and they would leave me home alone.

I was deathly afraid of being left alone.

As you guessed, I didn't shape up and the whole family got in the car and drove off. I can still see the scene. I sat on the counter in the kitchen where I could see out the window in the kitchen door. I just knew I was never going to see any of them again. I cried uncontrollably.

To me it was an eternity, I didn't know they only drove around the block. Mom tells me that the neighbor boy heard me crying and came over and stood by the kitchen door consoling me, which still makes her mad when she tells the story. I don't remember him being there.

I don't recall if I got ice cream or not, but I never forgot that when Mom said a punishment was coming, it came.

By the time I was 15, you would think I would have learned this lesson. Not so.

I wanted to sing in the choir. Mom warned me to behave when I was sitting in the choir seats. One particular Sunday, I was chatting with my friends during Sacrament Meeting and my Mom, who was sitting on the back row of the church, stood up in the middle of the meeting and said in a loud voice, "Sandra Conant, be quiet."

I melted down to the floor in embarrassment, but I can tell you this for sure, I never talk to my friends during a church meeting EVER AGAIN.