I saw a mother in Sacrament Meeting with a 2-year old who just found out he could get down and run.

During the Sacrament, he wanted to squirm, cry, and get down.

Mother gathered him in her arms and got out the Gospel Art book she had in her bag. She turned to a picture of Jesus and, whispering softly in his ear, pointed to the picture. He wiggled and twisted. She turned to another picture of Jesus and whispered in his ear again, pointing to the picture. He looked at the picture. She turned to another picture of Jesus and again whispered in his hear. He pointed to the picture.

The remainder of the time taking the Sacrament, he sat quietly and enjoyed the pictures with his Mother.

Wow, what a fun thing to watch, it made the Sacrament a little more precious to me.


I love these "What I Saw" entries. Keep 'em comin'. They bring a tear to my eye.