Brain Muscle Confusion-Tuesday Tip

Here is some info I got from Woman's Day (My Mom gave me a subscription this year).

1. Crossword puzzles and salmon help keep your mind sharp (My Mom does crossword puzzles every day, and she is sharp as a tack at 86)

2. Stimulate coordination by brushing your teeth with the hand you don't normally use (I did this and guess what, it was weird. I am a counter, I count the number of strokes when I brush my teeth, among other things, I couldn't count when I brused with my left hand.)

What do you do to exercise your mind?


The Malone's said…
I love to do crosswords or word searches. And I've never given much thought as to how I brush my teeth, I will have to try that one.
Bren's Life said…
Umm- play on the computer... I am terrible at crossword puzzles.

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