Family vacations--Monday Memory

I asked my children what they remember about our vacations. It was fun getting their replies--it is a great reminder that you children may not remember that you spent money on a brand new bathroom, but they will remember time you spent together...

"I remember a lot of vacations - lots of camping (as a family or with the church), going to Diggers, family reunions, visiting Gram, going to Texas, Mexico, Thanksgiving with your friends in Farmington."

"Some specific memories: The time we were camping in Colorado and it rained so hard for a couple of days that we finally rented a cabin and the sun came out for the rest of the trip."

"The drive to Texas that took 700 days. Body surfing as the hurricane approached. Eating lobsters with Dick and Inez. Going to the baseball game and being bored out of my mind because outside was an amusement park which was so much more appealing to me than baseball. You taking a picture with the tigers. For some reason, I don't remember the drive home nearly as dramatically - must have been tired."

"The trip to Mexico. The cockroaches in our bungalow and lack of water pressure. The pretty beach which we had almost completely to ourselves. Driving around to other beaches. Eating at a restaurant which made everyone nervous. The fishing boat and getting to catch so many fish and then have the restaurant prepare them and then share them with the other guests. Renting the car and crossing the border and being kind of afraid the whole time - but having a great time and being really excited about it. Buying charms and bracelets (which I still have and wear) and a pink peasant shirt which I thought was SO pretty."

"Tons of fond memories of going to the cabin for family reunions. I could go on and on..."


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