Emergency Fire Starter--Tuesday Tip

This is a great tip and solves a second problem -- hot grease. First cook whatever it is you are cooking that is greasy and catch the grease. In this picture I am cooking bacon at work (that's another story altogether)

Next, get a small cardboard carton such as a juice carton or a milk carton. Drink whatever is in it. Open the top wide (you know you already messed it up trying to open it, so just go ahead and open it on up). Yup, I'm still at work with my bacon grease.

Now, get a paper towel, which I had at work because I was cooking bacon. Crumple it up and stuff it in the cardboard box you just opened. This is very scientific.

Now, pour the bacon grease over the paper towel. I don't recommend you do this around your computer, however, I am a professional so it was okay for me to do it. :-). You will notice I let the bacon grease cool down at bit, that was so it wouldn't melt the wax on the box, smart, huh?

Finally, staple the top and put your fire starter in the freezer (to keep the grease from going rancid and stinking up the place).
Now, go camping with your kewl fire starter (don't forget the matches) and you won't have to look for dry kindling. I love it!

P.S. Kindling is a real word and it does have a "g" on the end in the dictionary, but not in my world. I had to look it up to use it here. It is "easily combustible material for starting a fire" according to Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary.


Amberly said…
ok. we need the story behind this craziness!
Doran & Jody said…
Good idea! I'm off to the store to get me some bacon.....
I was there to see that, I was wondering why you were saving that, lol!
Bren's Life said…
I have to say I have NEVER EVER heard of someone cooking bacon at work. Unless it's at a restaurant.. Wow!!!
I also have never thought of using bacon grease as a fire starter.. Pretty smart!

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