International Birthday Extravaganza

Birthdays are so fun. Here's what we did for Tarzan's Birthday this year.

I made 3x5 cards with events to attend throughout the day. First stop, Mexico. We went to our favorite breakfast place for Mexican food. We can't pronounce the name so we call it Junk Yard Cafe--why?--'cuz it's in the middle of a bunch of junk yards silly.

Isn't he just cute? I think I'll keep him.

We went to Greece next, Wow, we love IMax

I didn't need Tarzan to pose in front of the Greek gods, he is one.

What a heavenly way to spent an hour.

Service, fantastic
Atmosphere, wonderful
Laker's game on TV, thank goodness (how could I forget something that important?)
If you go, bring your credit card, yikes.


Ashlee said…
What a celebration! IT looks like a fun day!
I thought that was the coolest idea ever! I wish someone would do that for me, lol!

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