One day awhile back, I had a day to myself when Tarzan went fishing. I wrote down things I heard that day as I went about my business...

"So far this fishing trip has been a bust."--Tarzan having a bad day.

"Welcome to the House of the Lord."--Renewing my Spirit

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first gunfight will begin in 15 minutes."--A western festival downtown

"Did you try the store across they street?"--Looking for something special for Tarzan

"JC Penney Outlet has tons of them."--Looking for something special for me

"Why did you change your signature?"--It was just too loooooonnnngggg so I shortened it

"This job is killing my back."--A guy at the gas station talking to his buddy

It's funny how you can see simple phrases such as this and have a flood of memories come back to you. These are pleasant and relaxing memories of a day spent at my pace, with no pressure.

What did you do the last time you had a day to relax and do just what you want to do?