Sometimes, I want to “waller in my own pity”
Sometimes, I like to be sad
Sometimes, it feels good to remember all the sad and bad things that have happened to me
Sometimes, I like to just cry
Sometimes, I like to watch a movie or read a book that reminds me – these things are not what my life is about
Sometimes, a movie or book will remind me that my life is so much more than these sad things I am remembering, these things that make me cry
Sometimes, it feels good to take out all those old hurts and feel them again
Sometimes, it cleanses my thinking and reminds me to be glad for now

Do you ever want to just tell everyone about the things that have hurt you
Do you know it does no good to keep doing so
Have you dealt with them in your own way
Have you put them away, only to take them out when you need to clear your mind

I hope so, it feels so good


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