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We need traffic on our business website. Please go to http://www.growsticks.com/ and poke around for a minute. Send suggestions to me on how I can make it more user friendly and any other comments including things like "yuck, I hate your design." We want your honest opinion.

The reason we need traffic is that we are trying to become affiliates with the NBA. They told us we didn't have enough traffic on our website to be accepted.

Kind of snooty don't you think? After all, the whole purpose of becoming affiliates was to drive traffic to our website.

Anyway, your help will be appreciated.


Amberly said…
a few thoughts:

- I don't love the font you used for the quote at the top and the site categories. maybe just me, but it doesn't jive with me.
- love the pic of the darling little girl at the top.
- you emphasize A LOT that each is a unique work of art and no two are the same. maybe state it clearly once or twice and not so many times. especially on the designs page.
- love the story behind the grow sticks. you might add a place to submit more client comments- I could say that cooper loves to get ours out and see what number he is!

good luck!
Sandi, drop me an email. I've got a bunch of ideas but this box is a bit small to type in.


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